their stories have a leading role

in my photography
Se l’obiettivo è rivolto verso se stessi
non si vede nulla

Mario Dondero,italian photographer and reporter.

My photography was born

in the street.

I spent hours staring at the photos

trying to guessing the though of the people photographed .


behind those photographs I saw the life of these people
I didn’t want to limit myself in photographing then
I am a storyteller

I’m looking for unusual instants of pure life,

finding an answer to this question

Can I Photograph Our  Soul ?

I keep getting lost trying to find my way
Looking for love in every corner
night after night
but every street light looks the same
So I’m taking the chance, walking away, breaking the rules
nobody here can tell me what to do

When you find someone that has more faith in you than yourself,
you know that you are on the right track.

on my way I have found Marta.

thanks to her I have learnt new words of which I haven’t heard before

love, friendship, happiness

she is my soulmate, my best friend, my favorite photographer.

thanks to her I’ve discovered that

dreams can be real

I’m out on my own, making my way

trying to be someone that I can be proud of one day